Wednesday, April 4, 2012


It wasn't until I tried commenting on someone else's blog post that I re-discovered that I had this blog (and that I was doing the push ups challenge). Wow I have almost forgotten about it after Christmas break.

So where am I now, with this push-ups thing?

Actually, I've made more progress that I thought. Although I am now stuck on week 3 and week 4 (I do one of the sets randomly once in a looooooooooooong while), I no longer have sore muscles after a day of exercise. There is a definite improvement in the one of my arms and chest muscles.While on my initial test I had sore muscles the next day after doing 20 push ups, I can now do 20 push ups with relative ease, and do a couple of sets of them without sore muscles the next day. I will need to re-commit to the program to make further progress though, I'm sure.

But one thing that I've really noticed with the push ups program was the importance of stretching. Having chest muscles firming quickly also means that they are tightening quickly, and this has had a negative impact on my posture and accentuated neck and shoulder soreness. This is where I discovered yoga. Yoga has done wonders for my broken body, increasing my flexibility, easing tight muscles, and correcting my posture.

With school going out soon, I will begin the program anew with week 3. Goodluck to me, and to all who are trying to get fit and stay fit.

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