Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Thank You Letter

To all you beauty girls out there,

Whether you call yourself G, P, femme, straight, not-into-labels, or what-ever, if you have ever flirted with me, complimented me, dated me, danced with me, chatted me up, or otherwise shown some kind of attraction towards me, I want to tell you, thank you.

When I ask God why he would make me into someone who doesn't know, when they look into a mirror, who they want looking back, someone who doesn't know if they are a man or a woman, or want to be a man or a woman, or if they are happy being someone in between, a T, a B... I also have to thank him for making people like y'alls, who would find this mess attractive, even when even I myself don't know what I want to look like. You give me the courage to be myself, and to keep looking for who that myself is, or who that myself I want to be. That's priceless. And really, I can't thank you enough for it, but ya, really, thank you.

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